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Voice and Accent Traning

Accent means the stress given to a word, variation in pronunciation or manner of pronunciation. The way of pronouncing words by people in particular area. Accent may vary depending upon the locality, particular individual and nation. It shows great variation across regions. The same language spoken by the people have different accents. Even the people in the same region can have different accents. We can identify the people’s location with their accent. Accent is part of a person’s identity.

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Types of Accent

American Accent

American accent is easier to understand. It is the most commonly used accent in the world. Mainly used in United States and Canada

British Accent

Spoken in United Kingdom mainly in England. More difficult to understand and also most admired accent.

Importance of learning Accent

Ability to understand and communicate with people having different accents.

To compete linguistically in a global market.

Improving confidence in public speaking and social situations.

Sharing ideas and thoughts in an engaging way.

Leading to better business communication.

Positive impression when speaking English.

Understood by native speakers.

Ability to communicate fluently with teams in different geographical regions.

Who can take this course?


The accent training is suitable for people who wants to be a successful communicator.

People from different fields like..

  • BPO
  • Consultants
  • Sales executives
  • Developers & Architect
  • Programmers
  • Global stakeholders
  • Doctors & Lawyers

Trainer Profile

Well experienced and knowledgeable.

Passionate, enthusiastic, approachable and friendly.

Internationally recognized qualification.

Taking care of individual student’s need.

Friendly and encourage students to express their ideas.

Assists students in acquiring better understanding of the language.

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Accent and Voice Certification