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Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business | how to start a career in Digital Marketing?

High level of advertising through the various digital mediums like Search Engines, Web sites, Socila media, Email and through mobile apps.

Career in Digital Marketing
Updated On : 06 Oct 2020 01:19 PM Views : 225 Bookmark

What is Digital Marketing ?

High level of advertising through the various digital mediums like Search engines, Web sites, Socila media, Email and through mobile apps. Through these Various digital mediums you can target mass audience.

Why digital Marketing ?

The world is going digital and the pamphlets, newspaper advertisements are becoming old and high of cost. Now a days people are using their smartphones and searching for their needs, they are comparing the products, Reading the reviews about the product’s/services. For this the Product or Services are needed to be visible in the online. The online presence plays a major role on Covid-19 pandemic for business. The business with online presence remains...

So the above point clearly explains about the importance of digital marketing .

What does digital marketers do ? 

Digital Marketers generally do / responsible for driving brand awareness, drive traffics for the company /clients website, building / maintain the online awareness, generating leads through various mediums.

A digital marketer can take multi roles or becoming experts in a particular domain like SEO executive, PPC executive, Social media Marketer etc.  

Scope in Digital Marketing:

As per report the internet users are increasing day by day and this Covid pandemic also teaches the online presence is important for business. Most of the Medium and small scale industries are starting to use the digital marketing because it is a low cost and the High ROI giving tool.

So the necessity's and needs for the computerized advertising administrations (Digital Marketing) are getting high and it is the right time to choose the career in Digital Marketing.

Marketing Channels in Digital Marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Search Engine Marketing

3. Social Media Optimization

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization 

Promoting the products or Services through search engine for business related queries or keywords by bringing the website on top of the SERP results.

Types of SEO:

• White Hat SEO

• White Hat SEO, referred as following the guidelines of the google and building the position of the website in SERP results.

Black Hat SEO

• Black Hat SEO is most usually characterized as an objected practice that by and by could build a page's positioning in a web index result page (SERP). These practices are against the web crawler's terms of administration and can bring about the website being prohibited from the web index. (Prohibited method)

Grey Hat SEO

It's some place in white and Black and whenever utilized by an expert, can at present be compelling. In any case, it's sheltered to state that adopting a Black cap strategy is behaving recklessly in case you're not 100% certain about what you're doing and since we're prevalently content-drove presently, it's not something I would suggest.

Search Engine Marketing 

Promoting the products or services through search engine for business related keyword’s by paying to the search engines.

Benefits of PPC :

• Targeting

You can target the people of the certain age, days, timings (when was your Ad need to be displayed) keywords, locations and devices.

• Controlling the cost

In this PPC marketing you only paid to the search engines while the user clicks your Ad displayed in search engines.

Types of Ad network in PPC:

• Search Network

• Display Network

• Shopping

• Video network

• Smart Network

• Discovery Network

Social Media Optimization

   Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have similar goals to generate the website traffic and awareness for the company .

Steps followed in SMO

Optimize the strategy

• Conduct keyword research

• Optimize your profile

• Optimize your content

• Use hashtags

• Solidify the posting schedule

• Monitoring the campaign

Social Media Marketing

Promoting the products or services through search engine for business related keyword’s by paying to the social media sites.

Ad Components used in SMM are

Marketing Objective

• Targeting Audience

• Ad placement

• Daily Budgets

• Ad content

E mail Marketing

Email promoting is the demonstration of focusing on buyers with a business message through email with the objective of driving deals, expanding client steadfastness, or imparting significant data. It's a type of an immediate showcasing that, previously, was regularly used to target mass gatherings of individuals. Be that as it may, current email promoting depends on the standards of assent, division, and personalization.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is defined as promoting the products or Services through mobile device’s based on location services ,modern mobile technology etc.,

Different Types of Mobile Marketing

• Mobile Apps.

• Mobile Push Notifications.

• Mobile Games.

• Mobile-First Ad Strategies.

• QR Code Marketing.

• SMS Marketing.

Where you can learn Digital Marketing courses?

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