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Mastering Joomla Certification Training

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Mastering Joomla Certification Training walks through the core details of Joomla Component, Joomla Modules, Joomla Plugins, Mass Emailing, Cache management, Website Backup and Website SEO.

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Joomla Certification Program

Jul 25 Sat,Sun (4 Weeks) Weekend Batch 01:30 AM  03:30 AM
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$ 248.00

About Course

Hone your Joomla’s website creating skills through StepLeaf’s Joomla Certification Training. Mastering Joomla helps to create the website in ease with wide ranges of patterns. We cover all the topics from installation to creating the finest website.

Course Objective:

At the end of the course, you will be able to have practical experience in the following topics

• SetUp and Architecture of Joomla

• Usage of Control Panel

• Hands-on experience in Joomla Component, Modules and Plugins

• Use BreadCrumb Module for hierarchical representation of links

• Article Manager Toolbar to check-in the selected article

• Use of MetaData Description

• Use of SSL and Secure Site URL

• Work with TinyMCE Editor

• Understand Joomla Translation

• Use Joomla Media Settings

• Optimizing website using SEO

• Work with WebServers WAMP, LAMP, XAMP, MAMP, Nginx and Microsoft IIS

Who should go for this course? 

This course can be opted by anyone who wants to develop an innovative website.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

A little interest and motivation is enough to explode your learning into a masterpiece.

Key Skills

bootstrap, joomla, joomlainterfac, mediamanager, menusandformatting, categories, articles, htmltags, stylingelements, formatting, variousdisplaysettings, captcha, third-partyjoomlatemplates, hathoradmintemplate.

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Course Contents

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Mastering Joomla Certification Training Content

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about the Joomla installation process, running Joomla locally vs. running it on a web host, installing Joomla 3.0, Joomla Interface, using Media Manager, creating content in Joomla.  

Topics - Joomla Introduction Joomla installation process, running Joomla locally vs. running Joomla on a web host, Installing Joomla 3.0, Joomla Interface, using Media Manager, creating content in Joomla.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to create categories for site and ways to publish, unpublish and trash them. You will also learn how to create articles and publish, unpublish and trash them. Towards end of the course, you will also learn how to create simple and dropdown menus for websites.

Topics - Creating categories, Publish, unpublish and trash categories, Creating articles, Publish, Unpublish and trash articles, Creating simple and dropdown menus.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about some advance ways to format articles; for instance the page break plugin, customizing HTML tags, styling elements with Bootstrap. You will also learn how to add YouTube video to articles, global configuration options for articles, creating a custom module, and including a module in an article. Towards the end, we will also explore administrator modules.

Topics - Advanced Ways to format Articles, Customizing HTML tags, Styling elements with Bootstrap, Adding YouTube video to an article , Global configuration options for Articles, Creating a custom module, Including a module in an article, Exploring Administrator module.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to use content and contact component and how to add a CAPTCHA for a form. You will also learn how to use web links and redirect components. Using templates to change the look of the website. Using third-party Joomla templates from third-party providers. Towards the end, you will be introduced to Hathor Admin templates as well.
Topics - Working with content and contact component, Adding CAPTCHA to the form, Using web links and redirect components, Changing the look of the website using templates, Using third-party Joomla templates, Introduction to Hathor Admin template.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about multilingual sites and how to download and install multilingual packages, displaying content in multiple languages, creating language switcher module and enabling language filter plugin.

Topics - Multilanguage site overview and configuration, Installing language packs, Creating the language switcher module, Showing content in multiple languages.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about the Access Control List (ACL), default groups and access levels in Joomla, configuring user registration options, working with user profiles.

Topics - Introduction to Access Control List (ACL), Joomla default groups, Joomla default access levels, User registration options, Working with user profiles.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to use Joomla extensions directory, Installing and creating backup with Akeeba, installing and creating sitemap with Xmap.

Topics - Working with Joomla extension directory, Installing Akeeba Backup, Backup with Akeeba backup, Installing OSMap, Creating sitemap with OSMap.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about website hosting, making a website live, taking backups, incorporating backups with a web host, site maintenance and front-end editing.

Topics - Website hosting, Making a website live, Taking backups, Incorporating backups with a web host, Website maintenance, Editing a website after its live.

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Project 1:

Consider an educational institute from the UK that wants to develop and deploy functional websites to expand their business. Create a website using Joomla which engages any kind of visitors to understand their requirements such as teachers, parents and students. Design in such a way that the website should meet all their mindset.

StepLeaf’s Joomla Developer Certificate Holders works at 1000s of MNC Companies All Over the World.


StepLeaf uses a blended learning technique which consists of auditory, visual, hands-on and much more technique at the same time. We assess both students and instructors to make sure that no one falls short of the course goal. 

Yes, we offer crash courses. You could get the overview of the whole course and can drive it within a short period of time.  

Currently we don't offer demo class as the number of students who attend the live sessions are limited. You could see our recorded video of the class in each course description page to get the insight of the class and the quality of our instructors.   

StepLeaf has a study repository where you can find the recorded video of each class and all other essential resources for the course. 

Each student who joins StepLeaf will be allocated with a learning manager to whom you can contact anytime to clarify your queries

Yes we have a centralized study repository, where students can jump in and explore all the latest materials of latest technologies. 

Assessment is a continuous process in StepLeaf where a student's goal is clearly defined and identifies the learning outcome. We conduct weekly mock tests, so that students can find their shortfalls and improve them before the final certification exam.  

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