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Tableau Training and Certification

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StepLeaf’s Tableau Training allows you to analyze and rapidly display data in charts. It provides you with in-depth knowledge about its history, applications, tools, architecture, various versions, navigation, workspace, data connection with database, data sorting, replacing data source, visualization filter data etc., You will also learn to integrate with R and Big Data. 

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Tableau Training and Certification

Jul 27 MON - FRI (36 Days) Weekday Batch 01:30 AM  02:30 AM
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About Course

StepLeaf’s Tableau Training is mainly designed to understand how to create, read and write BI reports. This course covers the design flow of Tableau, Tableau Data Sources, Tableau Tableau Worksheets, Tableau Calculations, Tableau Sort and filter, Tableau Charts, Tableau Dashboard, Tableau Formatting, Tableau Forecasting and Tableau Trend Lines.

Course Objective

This course is a benchmark for you to generate reports from complex data sources in ease. It helps you to learn uncanny things and a good threshold to work with.

  • Create, write and modify interactive and shareable dashboard
  • Depict the trend and variation of data using graphs and charts
  • Connect Tableau with files, relational and Big Data Sources
  • Work with Data Blending and Real-Time Collaboration.
  • Transformation of data by cleaning, splitting, merging and pivoting
  • Create personalized and dynamic visualization

Who should take up this Certification Course?

StepLeaf’s Tableau Training Course is mainly preferred for Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Analytics, Integration specialists, Information Architects and Data Architect.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Little knowledge in computer programming terminologies and data analysis will explode your learning into a masterpiece. Refresh the skills of SQL as it would be an added advantage.

Key Skills

datavisualization, tableau, tableauarchitecture, metadata&datablending, setscreation, filters, dataorganization&visualanalytics, mapping, calculations&expressions, parameters, charts, graphs, dashboards, stories;integrationoftableauwithr&hadoop

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Course Contents

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Tableau Training and Certification Content

Learning Objective: Get a brief idea on Data Visualization and Tableau Prep Builder tool. 


  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Tableau Server Architecture
  • VizQL
  • Introduction to Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Prep Builder User Interface
  • Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool


  • Build a simple data flow using Tableau Prep Builder tool
  • Group and Replace feature using Tableau Prep Builder tool
  • Pivoting data using Tableau Prep Builder tool
  • Aggregate data using Tableau Prep Builder tool
  • Perform Unions and Joins using Tableau Prep Builder tool

Learning Objective: Get a brief idea on Tableau UI components and various ways to establish data connection.
  • Features of Tableau Desktop
  • Connect to data from File and Database
  • Types of Connections
  • Joins and Unions
  • Data Blending
  • Tableau Desktop User Interface
  • Basic project: Create a workbook and publish it on Tableau Online


  • Joins using Tableau Desktop
  • Data Blending feature within Tableau
  • Create a Workbook and publish it over Tableau Online
  • Save a workbook in different formats

Learning Objective: Understand the importance of Visual Analytics and explore the various charts, features and techniques used for Visualization.
  • Visual Analytics
  • Basic Charts: Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Granularity
  • Highlighting
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Sets
  • Basic Charts in Tableau
  • Demonstrate Hierarchies, Data Granularity and Highlighting features in Tableau
  • Perform Sorting, Filtering and Grouping techniques in Tableau
  • Sets in Tableau
Learning Objective: Understand basic calculations such as Numeric, String Manipulation, Date Function, Logical and Aggregate. You will also get introduced to Table Calculations and Level Of Detail (LOD) expressions.
  • Types of Calculations
  • Built-in Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical and Aggregate)
  • Operators and Syntax Conventions
  • Table Calculations
  • Level Of Detail (LOD) Calculations
  • Using R within Tableau for Calculations
  • Demonstrate calculations using Built-in Functions in Tableau
  • Perform Quick Table and Level Of Detail (LOD) calculations in Tableau
  • Installing R and establishing connection with R within Tableau

Learning Objective: Deep dive into Visual Analytics in a more granular manner. It covers various advanced techniques for analysing data that includes Forecasting, Trend Lines, Reference Lines, Clustering, and Parameterized concepts.
  • Parameters
  • Tool tips
  • Trend lines
  • Reference lines
  • Forecasting
  • Clustering
  • Demonstrate Parameters in Calculations
  • Perform Data Visualization using Trend lines, Forecasting and Clustering feature in Tableau
  • In-class Project 1- Domain: Media & Entertainment Industry

Learning Objective: Deep dive into advanced analytical scenarios, using Level Of Detail expressions.
  • Use Case I - Count Customer by Order
  • Use Case II - Profit per Business Day
  • Use Case III - Comparative Sales
  • Use Case IV - Profit Vs Target
  • Use Case V - Finding the second order date
  • Use Case VI - Cohort Analysis
  • All the use cases are Hands-on intensive
Learning Objective: Gain an understanding of Geographic Visualizations in Tableau.
  • Introduction to Geographic Visualizations
  • Manually assigning Geographical Locations
  • Types of Maps
  • Spatial Files
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Polygon Maps
  • Web Map Services
  • Background Images
  • Create a Map and assign Geographic locations to the fields
  • Demonstrate how to create a Map from a Spatial file
  • Learn how to create a Filled Map, Symbol Map, and a Density Map
  • Perform Custom Geocoding in Maps
  • Build a Polygon Map
  • Establish connection with the WMS Server

Learning Objective: Learn to plot various advanced charts in Tableau Desktop.
  • Box and Whisker’s Plot
  • Bullet Chart
  • Bar in Bar Chart
  • Gantt Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Control Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Bump Chart
  • Step and Jump Lines
  • Word Cloud
  • Donut Chart
  • All the above charts have Hands-on

Learning Objective: Build Dashboards and Stories within Tableau.
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • The Dashboard Interface
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Building a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Layouts and Formatting
  • Interactive Dashboards with actions
  • Designing Dashboards for devices
  • Story Points
  • Demonstrate how to add objects to a Dashboard
  • Build a simple Dashboard (using Layouts and Formatting features)
  • Create Interactive Dashboards using actions
  • Learn to create Dashboard for devices using Device Designer
  • Build Stories with Dashboards
  • In-class Project 2- Domain: Retail Industry
Learning Objective: Learn effective ways of designing Dashboards with minimum time investment.
  • Tableau Tips and Tricks
  • Choosing the right type of Chart
  • Format Style
  • Data Visualization best practices
  • Prepare for Tableau Interview
  • Hands-on experience on various tips and tricks with Tableau
  • In-class Industry Grade Major Project-Domain: Transportation Industry
Learning Objective: Learn to publish data, interact, modify, and secure the published data on Tableau Online.
  • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
  • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
  • Data Management through Tableau Catalog
  • AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)
  • Understand Scheduling
  • Managing Permissions on Tableau Online
  • Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online
  • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
  • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
  • Managing permissions on Tableau Online
  • Data security using User-based and Row-level filters
Learning Objective: Learn to create Tableau reports for various industrial scenarios and publish them on Tableau Online. Learn to manage permissions and secure data using filters.
Project Statement:
You have been recruited as a freelancer for a Retail store that supplies Furniture, Office Supplies and Technology products to customers across Europe. You have been asked to create interactive dashboards which can be used to gain insights into the profits for orders over the years.

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What are the System Requirements for learning Tableau course?

1. Windows 7 or Newer versions 

2. Windows Server 2008 R2

3. .Net 4.5

4. IE 9 or later

5. RAM at least 1 GB

How will I execute my practicals? 

The Case Studies are executed by installing Tableau Public on your system . The necessary instruction will be given by our StepLeaf instructor to execute all the assignments. 


Domain: Retail 

Problem Statement 

In an online second hand car sales company which wants you to gather and analyze customer behaviour on the site to increase the visitors of the webpage. Enable at-a-click access to Tableau dashboard from salesforce and publish it to the customer’s portal 


Domain: Education 

Problem Statement 

In an educational community, you have a lot of institutes beneath them. They analyze all the details on the weekends, which consumes lots of time. Using Tableau and visualization generate a report in a short time span. 


Domain: Media 

Problem Statement 

In a Television Channel analyze all the program being telecasted and find the rating of the program which is mostly viewed by the viewers and show them how the program has evolved from the scratch. 


Domain: HealthCare 

Problem Statement 

The 50 year old HealthCare centre in Australia consists of a large amount of data. Using Tableau and Visualization analyze and generate report for each type of patient admitted, treatment taken, duration of the treatment, age report for each type of symptom etc., 

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StepLeaf uses a blended learning technique which consists of auditory, visual, hands-on and much more technique at the same time. We assess both students and instructors to make sure that no one falls short of the course goal. 

Yes, we offer crash courses. You could get the overview of the whole course and can drive it within a short period of time.

Currently we don't offer demo class as the number of students who attend the live sessions are limited. You could see our recorded video of the class in each course description page to get the insight of the class and the quality of our instructors

StepLeaf has a study repository where you can find the recorded video of each class and all other essential resources for the course.

Each student who joins StepLeaf will be allocated with a learning manager to whom you can contact anytime to clarify your queries

Yes we have a centralized study repository, where students can jump in and explore all the latest materials of latest technologies.

Assessment is a continuous process in StepLeaf where a student's goal is clearly defined and identifies the learning outcome. We conduct weekly mock tests, so that students can find their shortfalls and improve them before the final certification exam.

StepLeaf offers a discussion board where students can react to content, share challenges, teach each other and experiment their new skills.

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