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Spoken English Traning

Language plays an important role in connecting people by sharing ideas and thoughts. English is the leading language used by more than two billion people for communication. English is the native language for several countries and it is also called as world language that is spoken internationally. It is learned and spoken by number of people as a second language. English is used as official language in many countries. Comparing to other countries there are more people in India who speak and understand English.

English fluency is important when you are looking for a new job, world travelling and also for higher studies. English is widely used in international business meetings, universities and tourism. English plays a major role in the industries like newspaper publishing, international telecommunications, trade, science and entertainment.

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This is suitable for people with very little knowledge of English, for one who needs help to understand the basics of English and who struggles to speak English in day to day life. This level includes Self-introduction, basic greetings, describing interests and hobbies, describing about family members. Learning fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary and improving reading skills. At the end the candidate will learn to read, write and pronounce.


Designed for those who can speak and understand English language but have problems with advanced grammar and vocabulary. Improves reading, pronunciation, spelling and gaining deep knowledge of Grammar and vocabulary. Writing short stories, formal and informal letters, expressing ideas and opinion. Ability to understand the main points of the conversation in work, school, family, public etc. Describe experiences, dreams and plans briefly.


To speak English more fluently and confidently. Understanding complex texts, learning presentation skills, dealing with the client etc. Developing inter personal skills, advanced vocabulary and strong pronunciation. Reading, writing and speaking without any barrier. Ability to have longer conversations, includes all basics and phonics which will help you to speak professionally.

Who will take this course



To improve strong reading and writing skills. To do higher studies in foreign countries. Academic and career opportunities.



To help the children in their studies and to communicate with them. Pursuing their careers and making themselves independent.


Job Seekers

Almost every official communication is done in English language. Without English proficiency you will unable to understand the nature of work. So, people who speak English have more opportunities.


Business Person

To communicate fluently with English-speaking partners and clients. English Language is important for delivering presentations and speeches.

About our Pillars [Trainers]:

Well experienced, excellent and dedicated tutors.

Training provided by native English-speaking tutors.

Friendly and encourage students to express their ideas.

Assists students in acquiring better understanding of the language.

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Providing English language skills to succeed in the real world.

One to one interactive sessions.

Courses suitable for all age groups.

Flexible class timings.

Professional as well as personal development.

Practical oriented coaching.

Stay home and study with us.

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Spoken English Certification