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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance Service

Signing Up to our StepLeaf Portal makes you use the online learning service only for lawful purpose and the use of our site constitutes your full fledged acceptance to your agreement to be bound by us. If you don't wish to be bound by these terms, you shall not use our StepLeaf Website. StepLeaf reserves the right to cancel your course booking at any time in any critical circumstances.

(Do print or Save the Terms and Conditions for future referral)

Sign Up Credential

A user can register to the website as a student or a tutor. Any user will be allowed to use without registering. But when a user registers his/her details in our website, the information will be stored for making the future visits easier. A registered user will be provided with unique credentials with which you can make regular checks on your personalized learning plan and other progress reports.

StepLeaf’s Rights and Responsibilities

We follow certain clauses that StepLeaf promises to do. We maintain a fully functional website including communication system, repository platform and so onStepLeaf can't guarantee the website will be available at all time. Sometimes we have to bring it down for some maintenance purpose. We make sure that none of your information or personal details gets affected.

We do communicate to all the registered users about the planned maintenance downtime. We use all the endeavours to keep our StepLeaf Portal free from viruses and hacking.

User’s Responsibilities

Both the students and tutors are responsible for the service they are availing through our website (online and offline). Users are solely responsible for the materials downloaded from our website and it is strictly not for any commercial use. Users must immediately report to our StepLeaf Support Team if they find defamatory in the material in which they use. Users must exercise the content of the materials given as StepLeaf does not guarantee that the content is correct and up to date. Users have to contact our StepLeaf Support Team if they have any problem in accessing their credentials.

Students Responsibilities

Students are solely responsible for their own acts throughout the course of training. StepLeaf will never take the blame for your omission of attending the class. Students under the age of 18 must have a consent letter produced from your parents. StepLeaf is not responsible for any dispute in the training class. Students must be accurate in sharing your personal details to our StepLeaf Team. Students are allowed to access the course materials only after the completion of all payment processes.

Once the payment process goes well you will have a direct contract with your learning manager who will guide you through the course. If a student drops out of the class during the training process StepLeaf will not be responsible for their act. Students' personal judgement against a tutor will not be taken care of by StepLeaf. Students are responsible for ensuring the correct hardware and software requirements they have before making them available for the online lesson.

Students who fail to follow the above terms and conditions will be barred from accessing your credential on our website. None of our conditions will affect our students rights. If you are not agreeing with any of our StepLeaf’s terms and conditions please do not sign up for any course.

Tutors Responsibilities

Tutors are not employees of StepLeaf but they are as a contract they work with us. They are solely responsible for their own act. All the tutors must be above the age of 21. Tutors must provide the accurate personal, academic and their working details to our StepLeaf Team. If any of the tutors who fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of StepLeaf may be barred from using the StepLeaf service. Tutors are responsible for their judgement about the individual they take. Tutor agrees to the ranking based on their working skills. Tutors are not allowed to have any attempt to contact the students in private. Tutors are not allowed to complete the assignment on behalf of students. Tutors are responsible for ensuring they have all the equipment to access the virtual classroom.


The course payment fee will be displayed on the student dashboard. The students are responsible to pay the complete fee before the commencement of the training. All the fee collected by StepLeaf includes the GST or any other sales tax. If any chance the student cancels the course at the beginning or in the middle of the training, the amount will not be refunded by StepLeaf. If a course is carried out without any student in class, the student will be charged with the full fee.

Payment processing service is carried out by Razor Pay. If you face any transaction problem during your payment, your amount will be refunded within 7 working days. By agreeing to the StepLeaf’s Payments Terms and Conditions you are continuing to operate as a tutor/ student through our StepLeaf Website.


A student may cancel a course at any point of time, but the refundable procedure is carried out manually by our StepLeaf Team to ensure accuracy in the process. Due to some reason if any student drops out after a certain class attended, he/she would not get the refundable amount.


At the end of the Terms and Conditions we StepLeaf covers the Complaint segment. If any student/ tutor faces any discrepancy in the StepLeaf process, you can contact our StepLeaf Support Team at any time. We are available 24X7 and we would like to solve the issue as soon as possible. StepLeaf Team is not responsible for any issue outside the virtual classroom.

Tutor Salary Payment Plan

We offer each tutor a monthly payment plan. We calculate the hour being tutored by each instructor and normally the salary will be invoiced at 10th of each month. If the tutor wishes to terminate their position from StepLeaf, it is necessary to give at least one week notice time. If any sum is unpaid you can raise your concern to our StepLeaf Support Team and the issue will be resolved within 7 working days.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

StepLeaf shall not be liable to any loss or damage caused by the students/ tutors in various circumstances given below.

  1. Any breach in your communication during the class
  2. Any damage/ crash of hardware and software
  3. Any damage to the service offered by StepLeaf

The users will be liable for any foreseeable loss or damage if StepLeaf suffers during the course of the training. Students/Tutors must give opportunity for the StepLeaf team to give remedy where we are liable before incurring any cost.

Intellectual Property

The materials provided by StepLeaf must be maintained very exclusively, royalty and terminable licence and must copy, modify or distribute for commercial work.

Revision of Terms and Conditions

StepLeaf has the right to change the Terms and conditions at any time. The same will be posted on our StepLeaf website at least 2 weeks before they become effective. Please do visit our Terms and Conditions Page often for further changes.

Privacy Policy

Users are allowed to visit the website without telling their identity or register themselves for the purpose of finding out information about our StepLeaf Service. The user personal information is retained until the fulfilment of purpose required from StepLeaf. The information will not be shared to any third party vendor for commercial usage. The data is used to improve our website and business and not to personally identify anyone.

StepLeaf Team will not sell any of your personal information unless the law requires us to. We strongly withhold the data protection policy which is inline with the Data Protection Act. StepLeaf will take all the responsibility for the visitors information and ensure that it is safe both online and offline.

The links which are provided to the third party vendors from our StepLeaf website are solely based on your convenience. We do not endorse any other company's product or business through our StepLeaf Site. By using our site you are strictly assent to the StepLeaf Privacy Policy Statement.

This policy is subjected to changes from time to time. Kindly check for the latest version on this page.

Refund Policy

StepLeaf’s Refund Policy considers only the below circumstances.

  1. If a Student cancels his/her course within 7 days of commencement of the training, no refund amount will be provided by our StepLeaf Team.
  2. When the commencement of the training has more than 7 days and if the student wishes to cancel the registration of the course, 10% of the amount will be deducted from the paid course fee and the remaining amount will be credited to your account within 20 business days from date of cancellation.
  3. If StepLeaf itself cancels the course or batch due to any pandemic situation, 100% amount will be refunded to the students.
  4. The student cannot apply for cancelation of the course, if he/she has attended the class for at least one day.
  5. If the course has been applied for any discount coupons, the refund policy will not be applicable.
  6. If the student does not attend the training session after the commencement of the course, no refund will be applicable
  7. Refund amount does not include the tax amount.
  8. No refund will be provided if the student violates any of the StepLeaf’s Terms and conditions.
  9. StepLeaf has the responsibility to terminate any account at any time, if they face any violation from the student and StepLeaf does not pay any liability to you.